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What is coaching?

Our relationship coaching is designed teach you practical and foundational relationship skills that will improve any relationship.

We are future-oriented, so our primarily goal is to improve positive relationship skills without delving too much into the past or assigning blame.

Our coaching does not suggest anything is wrong with your relationship, and it is for growth-oriented and proactive couples who would like to deepen and nurture their relationship.



Get the process started by filling out our short application and we will will reach out to you with the next steps. 


At this time, we do monthly coaching calls with clients on Saturdays. Our meetings can be conducted either in person or online, depending on your location.

We will help you schedule your first session.

The assessment grabs a snapshot of where your relationship is today, so we can use our sessions together to work on the relational skills that would be of most value to you.

Reach Out

what our clients are saying:


As a guy we aren't real fond of being analyzed. This is why I initially said no to the assessment. Looking back at not only the results of the assessment but the way in which Anne explained each and every area that was a strength along with the areas that indicated they could benefit from some work I feel very comfortable saying that our relationship is going to be better off having worked with Anne. She is extremely knowledgeable, nonjudgemental and made us feel very comfortable. Highly recommended!

Craig R.

What will be covered:

Depending on your needs as a couple and how many sessions you would like, these are the general topics covered.


Results of Assessment

During your first coaching assessment, we will provide an overview of your assessment results.

The assessment is not something you can pass or fail, but rather a picture of your current relationship.


Strength/Growth Areas

According to the results of your assessment, we will identify your strengths as a couple and work to improve growth areas so you can deepen your connection and relationship satisfaction.



We will take time to discuss some of the expectations you have carried into marriage.

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Everyday life stress can strain our relationships when we do not know how to deal with it effectively. We will address it and learn solutions to move through it.

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Personality Types

We will address your personality types and the strengths of each and learn to appreciate one another for who you are.

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Family/Couple Maps

We will explore some different elements of your family and upbringing, and how you perceive your own relationship.


How much does each session cost?

Currently, each session is pay-what-you can however, our recommendation is $65 per session, but we are willing to work with your budget.

How many sessions are there?

Our recommendation is at least 6 coaching sessions, but there is flexibility for clients who need more or less.

How frequent are sessions?

Currently, we are offering monthly coaching sessions and will be extending this soon.

What does the assessment include?

The assessment grabs a snapshot of strength & growth areas, relationship dynamics, personal stress profiles, couple & family maps, and personality.


Do you have any additional questions?

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Let us know

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