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The Best Christian Journal You May Not Have Heard Of (But You Should!)

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Thanks to Growth Roots Co for sponsoring this post!

Once upon a time, I was scrolling Instagram and found a sponsored post exactly like this one. Little did I know, I happened to stumble upon my very favorite journal that I have ever owned. I personally have purchased this journal every year and have gifted a few to family and friends. The crazy thing is, so few little people know about it and I am excited to share what makes this journal really amazing.

So it is my privilege to formally introduce you to my favorite journal and I hope you fall in love with it as much as I have.

I will share with you the what makes this journal special and the features that are included inside.

The journals are BEAUTIFUL.

The company has many beautiful journals from faux leather to many very tasteful colors like oat and sage green.

If design and the aesthetic of a journal is important to you, these journals are very well done. They are definitely a photogenic little journal.

They pray over each journal they mail out.

Every journal I have received from this company has had a little handwritten card in it that said, "Prayed over on _____ (date)."

I feel that is pretty special. Someone is out there praying for your growth when you receive this journal. May the Lord answer their prayers.

The journal is a good size. (It should last you a year.)

One of these journals should be able to last you about a year. It is larger than your typical journal without being too big. I love to gift these journals for Christmas because they are a fantastic resource to someone to start to map our their growth for the next year in January. I have not had to replace these more than once a year, however, I am sure the pace at which each person uses one truly depends on what you use it for and how much you journal.

It has everything you need to track a year's worth of growth.

I will dive more deeply into this as I discuss the features of this journal, but who doesn't want a journal where they can track everything? The minimalist in me can appreciate that I only need ONE journal for the whole year.

So, let's get into the features.


  • Faith Goals

The faith goals section of the journal breaks down and assumes that we have goals in multiple areas of our life. It gives you a place to write down goals for your family, friends, social life, character, and more.

  • Table of Contents/Study Topics

The table of contents provides a place to write down topics that you have studied each year. There are numbers that correlate with matching stickers that help you identify where exactly in the journal that you studied a specific topic and where you wrote down your notes.

  • Over 100 Journaling Pages

The journal pages include small verses scattered throughout the journal but not on every page. It is a dotted journal and there is a place to put the date in the top corners. Additionally, all the pages are numbered.

  • Prayer Section

The prayer section includes blank space to write what the prayer was, in addition to having a spot for the date that the prayer was said and the date you feel like the prayer was answered.

  • God's Faithfulness Section

The journal has a section to record where God has been faithful to you. One year for me when we were particularly struggling financially, this section got filled up real quickly. There is so much to be said for recording God's faithfulness to you. You see many times in the Bible where there are records of how God has been faithful in the past so His people could trust Him in the future. Looking to God's past faithfulness helps us trust Him in the present for a hopeful future.

  • Memory Verse Section

Includes pages to note the scripture you are committing to memory. I am also using this to help keep a record of the verses I am teaching to my preschooler.

  • Book Record

If you are like me, the list of books I wish to someday read is endless. I have large Amazon and Goodreads book lists. However, if you are also like me, you can appreciate having this physically written down. There is space to write down twenty books a year. I know some of you far surpass that number, but for many, this is the perfect amount of lines for a year's worth of reading.

  • Bible Reading Checklist

This part of the journal includes all the books of the Bible with circles for each individual chapter that you can mark off as you have read them.

  • Monthly Stickers

These are stickers that are January-December so that you can stick them in the journal and help you easily identify where the months change.

  • Growth Guide Add-In Pages

No growth can happen without reflection. The add-in pages are a sticker on one side of the page so you can add them in at the changing of each month. They allow you to reflect on what worked and what didn't the previous month. It asks about what you plan to change to make better progress in the next month. It leaves space to write what you are believing God for and reaffirm this in your heart by writing a monthly declaration.

They literally now have calendar add-ins so what else can you possibly need in a journal? I truly, truly love this journal and I feel honored to be able to share it with my community. If you have and get this journal, I would love for you to share with me in the Intentionally Anne Facebook group or tag me on Instagram. Blessings.

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Is there a link to order one of these journals? Maybe I missed it?

Unknown member
Sep 11, 2023
Replying to

Yes, I linked Growth Roots Co. If you click on the blue words, it should bring you to their site.

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