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"Despite positive findings, only 36% of married  couples attend premarital counseling."

Our goal is that every couple would have an education in foundational relationship skills.

What will be covered:

Depending on your needs as a couple and how many sessions you would like, these are the general topics covered.


Results of Assessment

During your first coaching assessment, we will provide an overview of your assessment results.

The assessment is not something you can pass or fail, but rather a picture of your current relationship.

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This could be wedding stress or the stress of everyday life. We will address it and learn solutions to move through it.


Strength/Growth Areas

According to the results of your assessment, we will identify your strengths as a couple and work to improve growth areas so you can set your marriage up for success!

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Personality Types

We will address your personality types and the strengths of each.



We will take time to discuss some of the expectations you have carried into marriage.

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Family/Couple Maps

We will explore some different elements of your family and upbringing, and how you perceive your own relationship.

How is premarital coaching different than marriage coaching?

Premarital coaching covers many of the same topics that marriage coaching addresses such as: conflict resolution, communication, and personality types.

However, premarital includes more coaching around expectations, wedding stress, and character traits.

"Our first session with Anne felt very relaxed and natural. She was very easy to talk to and communicates well. It is obvious that she has a heart to see every marriage thrive."

Alex K.


Our application is incredibly simple and will take you less than 5 minutes.

We look forward to working with you!

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