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John C. Maxwell's International Maxwell Certification (IMC) Weekend

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Last weekend I attended my first ever IMC (International Maxwell Certification) event in Orlando, Florida. It was a mix of over 3,000 new and alumni John Maxwell certified speakers, trainers, and coaches from all around the world. It honestly was quite the sight to behold as we packed out the Orlando Convention Center.

They call us the John Maxwell Team (JMT) and it is a group to whom John so graciously is willing to, "give his name," to. The JMT are trained by his staff and dedicated to carry out a mission that he has carried out his whole life.

What We Are About:

He says, "We are people of value who value other people."

Valuing others and adding value to them is what we do and the JMT DNA is how we seek to do it.

M - Model Consistency

A - Add Value & Value People

X - Xceed Expectations

W - Willfully Grow

E - Equip Others

L - Live Intentionally

L - Lead & Lift Others

D - Demonstrate a Positive Attitude

N - Nurture Transformation

A - Allow Room for Faith

We aim to embody and carry his legacy of leadership.

If you don't know who John C. Maxwell is, then today is your lucky day. You have now officially have heard of him. Read his books, they will serve you well.

What the Event was Like:

Can I start off by mentioning the food? I don't know if that is in poor taste but let me tell you the food at the John Maxwell IMC was incredible and I think it would be a shame not to mention it. So now that I have mentioned that, let's continue.

You know what else was incredible? The people. Words will not do justice for me as I try to explain how incredible John Maxwell, his staff, and his JMT certified coaches (us) are.

The room was full of excitement when you first walked in. There were pom-poms and sure enough, a dance team. How funny? A dance team!

It was a comical and refreshing reminder that the Maxwell Team doesn't only believe in ONE way to exhibit excellence and lead, but rather believes in the many ways we can all lead from a place that is unique and specific to each individual.

Plus the dance team kept us awake and alert over the long, but wonderful, next three days.

We sat around tables with 8 other individuals we were assigned to sit with over the weekend. It was nice because it made the very large crowd feel small and intimate. It was basically the perfect plan to ensure that no one was leaving the event without at least making a couple of friends.

My table is pictured below:

Before I go into a few of my takeaways from the event, I want to share how it made me feel.

John often would say to us, "Hi, my name is John Maxwell and I'm your friend."

John and all of his staff were so thoughtful and down-to-earth. They didn't hide their vulnerabilities. They didn't rush a conversation with you. They were hilarious and didn't take themselves too seriously.

So, all of that to say: they made you feel respected, truly believed in, and seen. Plus they made life feel light and wonderful. The room was full of child-like possibility, wonder, and humor.

They have modeled such a strong and consistent culture that their coaches carried the same love for people and playfulness in their hearts as the staff did.

We were united. We were on each other's team. Rooting for, and not against each other. We felt like family, all of us.

Pictured below is staff member, Christian Simpson, who taught the John Maxwell Method of coaching.

Pictured below is staff member, Roddy Galbraith, who taught the John Maxwell Method of speaking.

Lastly, I feel it is absolutely worth mentioning Sunday. Sunday was an optional service. Anyone could come, those of Christian faith, different faith, or no faith. However, it was geared towards the Christian faith and with John's background as a pastor, he preached the sermon.

As a woman of Christian faith myself, tears filled my eyes as I watched over 100 people walk to the front to accept Jesus as their Savior.

It was powerful. You don't see this kind of thing often, although I wish we did. Despite the fact that John is not officially a pastor anymore, God works through his life as a pastor all the time.

He handed out a Leadership Bible to each individual and we all celebrated. I felt like my heart was cracked open and joy spilled out.

It was an experience I will treasure forever.

My Takeaways from the Event:

One is Too Small of a Number to Achieve Greatness

This probably seems very obvious, but are there any other lone-wolf, individualists out there? Are there any others out there who sometimes think that they can work on and grow themselves with a book and a journal alone? Anyone else think that we are introspective and self-aware enough that we do not need the challenges of learning lessons in community, brushing up against those who challenge us?

If you can relate, you get me.

However, maybe we can achieve success alone but greatness/significance we cannot. I don't know about you but I do not want to reach the heights of my potential alone. Like, "Hello? Is anyone up here?"

Not worth it.

If I keep up the way I am going, I might do that so that's why this was such a significant takeaway for me.

Although it is simple, to apply it to my life would be profound.

Going forward, I am going to look for opportunities to team-up-with others. I want to link arms and rise together. Rising alone just sounds sad.

Don't Live in Agreement with Your Limitations

Our limitations offer up their suggestions like, "You can't do that because...."

We are like, "Yup, you right, you right."


We are way too compliant when it comes to agreeing with the voice of limitation.

Our limitations might be true, but our potential is also so true. Which one is more true is dependent upon the one we focus on, and that brings me to my next takeaway....

You Become What You Think About

They mentioned at the conference that everything we see in our lives is a replica of someone's imagination. Every painting, every piece of furniture, and every piece of clothing existed as an idea in someone's mind before it ever manifested itself into existence.

Well, similarly we subconsciously try to create the life we are always imagining. If we are always thinking about are failures, limitations, and weakness, and we do not believe much is possible for us, then we will subconsciously manifest a life that is very average.

If we are always fixated on who we want to become, possibility, and opportunity then that is what we will begin to see in our lives.

We carry out what we think about.

So we must fill our imagination with what we want in life, not what we don't want. Focus on good, and you'll begin to create it.

"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think of these things." - Philippians 4: 8

All in all, this event was wonderful. It in among the best experiences in my life. I loved this event, the staff, and the team. All I am thinking about now is how I am going to go back next year.

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