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How I am Using DiverseBee Bible Journaling Products to Make My Journal and Life Beautiful

Thanks to DiverseBee for sponsoring this post!

A couple of weeks ago I shared my favorite Christian journal/growth companion by Growth Roots Co. One of the highlights of this journal that I mentioned was how beautiful it is. I definitely feel that life is enhanced when we can add a touch of beauty to ordinary things. So, while the journal in and of itself is very beautiful, I wanted to add an extra touch to my actual writing pages. While this is sometimes seen in my mediocre calligraphy that is sprinkled throughout, I wanted something more. Insert DiverseBee.

They have created beautiful washi tapes, transparent sticky notes, Bible cases, and more. I love to support a good Christian company and I am sure many of you do too.

I am excited to share with you how I plan to use their washi tape and transparent sticky notes.

To help separate ideas from one another.

I use my journal to take notes, write prayers, make small to-do lists, create brain dumps, write word definitions, write quotes, write goals and, believe-it-or-not, even more than that. With the journal being used for so many purposes, I wanted a way to quickly know what I am actually looking at. It is hard to find a specific note when it all blurs into the rest. Since using the washi tape from DiverseBee, I create labels for topics by writing on the washi tape with their fast drying marker. I have made different tapes coordinate with specific subjects or types of writing like prayers, so it is easy to identify what I am looking at.

To help separate days from one another.

I love that they have washi tape with the days of the week on it. Additionally, they have tape with months and numbers for the date. This is great for me. I love being able to quickly identify in my journal when it is a new day.

To hang quotes and Bible verses around the house in a beautiful way.

Beauty is important to me as I mentioned before. While an ordinary sticky note would absolutely do the trick, I still love that extra touch.

Here they are hanging in my bathroom with some quotes on it:

I know this picture didn't need to be that big but you couldn't read the quotes if I didn't, haha.

As bookmarks and markers for important ideas in books.

Y'all, confession time. I read way too many books at once. If I had a bookmark for every book I was reading, that would be 5-10 bookmarks and let's just say, I have not invested in that many bookmarks. I love using sticky notes like these to mark my place. I know the dog eared corners can give books an endearing used look, but I like having the option of keeping books looking pristine if I want to. Particularly because I borrow a fair amount of books. I also love having plenty of sticky notes to mark pages and ideas that are especially important as I go along. It is a nice way to note take in a book rather than a journal that can be far removed from it. It keeps the ideas, reflections, and questions all together.

There are plenty of more ways to use these products to add a special touch to ordinary things like sealing a letter or taping things to the fridge. I am just thankful for a company that honors our desire to make it all beautiful.

If you would like to continue this discussion, I would love you to join my Facebook Group. Hope you are blessed friends.

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